About Us

JiNa is a Gurgaon based Life Skills and Counseling Center committed to evoke a new way of living by supporting and aspiring people to stay grounded with their inner strength yet flying high in spirit. We are committed to support Educational Institutes and Corporate by understanding their needs, wants and then customizing, aligning our training programs with their vision. We design, conduct and facilitate training for parents, students, educators and corporate professionals.   

Aspire.  Inspire. Fly Higher


Our vision is to support people to be happy, prosperous, inspired, loving and experience freedom. With our work, we want to create Holistic development of society.


Our mission is to create better tomorrow by transforming students into responsible, confident and successful young adults. We support people to have a blessed life with their family and friends.

Kavita Yadav

Kavita Yadav

Kavita Yadav is a Certified Parenting Coach and Soft-Skills Trainer & Facilitator. She has overall 14+ years of experience of corporate and education sector.

She helps parents help themselves by coaching them how to cultivate a strong relationship with their children by being calm, loving and connecting. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an integral part of her training & coaching sessions. She is also a Certified TA CDT (Transactional Analysis Cognitive Drill Therapy) Coach from Feeling Minds and helps people overcome phobias, anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

She is also Certified in “Child and Adolescent Mental Health” from Children First. She has organised, conducted and facilitated numerous soft-skills training workshops, parenting workshops, experiential and interactive workshops especially for adolescents and teens, called 3E – Explore Express Empower.

She is committed to bring positive transformation in the lives of people with the help of her innovative, interactive and experiential training sessions and workshops.

She founded “JiNa-LivingPositively” to support people work through their challenges related to relationships, parenting and career. The name “JiNa” is a combination of the names of her two beautiful daughters “Jiya” and “Naisha”. She helps people find a new self-confidence and sense of pride in whatever they do at a professional or personal level.