The 3 Ps

Powerful Practical Parenting

Parenting Workshops
With these sessions / workshops we help parents find practical and joyful solutions in their journey called Parenting.

We also undertake Parenting Workshops for Corporate for their staff members who are also parents. Please fill in the detail with the help of Contact Us page. We promise to get back to you within 2 working days and are happy to help by customizing the workshops as per your needs  and wants.

THE 3 Ms

Magical Marvellous Moments

Motivational Teachers’ Engagement Programs
With these sessions/workshops we help schools, colleges deliver unique and customized programs for educators to make them excel in both their professional & personal lives. 

We also design, arrange and conduct offsite leadership programs for educators.

THE 3 Ss

Smart Sharp Students

Students’ Workshops
With these sessions/workshops students benefit as their confidence level rises and negative beliefs fade. They start looking at the same situations with a new perspective.


One to One Coaching Sessions

These are one to one Coaching sessions where we help parents learn new skills and ways of looking at situations so that they will be more capable of solving problems on their own.