Parenting Workshops

Qmm8rE7vbz6yXVBi2sbbBAjDOxRBkDlX1wwx5WEnKUsAs parents, one wants nothing but the best for their child, right? The real success of a child starts with you. The way you connect with your child, the way you manage your relationship with him/her lays the foundation of your child’s intelligence.

Benefits of our Parenting Workshops for you as a Parent are that you learn:

How to heal your child’s fears and anxieties
Reasons for your child’s temper tantrums and how to address them positively
How to build, strengthen and repair your connect with your children
How to spend quality time with your children by managing your energies and enriching your relationship with them along with your own self
How to open up your child’s mind to better thinking
You evolve as a parent with better understanding of that how vital is your Emotional Connect with your children to make them stable and more connected to you.

You learn by sharing your experiences, listening to others and by being open and understanding of the fact that each perspective is equally valid.

Topics Covered:

Anxious Parenting: Why is parenthood filled with so much anxiety and how to deal with it.

 Joyful Parenting: 7 simple steps to make parenting joyful.
Conscious Parenting: A lifelong journey, commitment and realization of your role as a parent
Calm Parenting: How to discipline children without screaming? Talking and not fighting.
Emotions aur Rishton Ka Taana Baana – An especially curated Community Building Program for Parents.                                                       

ABC – Art of Bringing up Children Program 

The SEGMENTS of ABC Program are:

Describing Behavior, Effective Praise, Consequences, Preventive & Corrective Teaching, Controlling Self and Staying Calm. 

Reproductive Healthcare: Developed in partnership with UNICEF and other NGOs… this segment provides a general overview to educate parents, teachers and childcare providers how to teach and talk with children about the sensitive subject like sex.

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Training Methodology:

Highly interactive and innovative workshops with the help of:

Power Point Presentations

High Power Videos
Story Telling
Experience Sharing

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We also offer one to one coaching to parents to help them in their journey of parenting.