Students Workshops

HoRQ8CE4jWHYNO2WR9-LMv6JGkYxB9mBqh2_m1SyQMg,IWcsjOp1mA9aEVX_8YxID2q8pqIFsZddLWxde2JTq2E“The children are our future. If we do not value them, nurture them and inspire them enough we do not deserve them.”

  ~Kavita Yadav    

Benefits of our Students’ Workshops are that:

Students’ confidence level rise
Their negative beliefs fade
They start looking at the same situation with a new perspective
They understand and are able to explain their role in creating their own future

Topics Covered:

The 7 Habits of Smart Sharp Students
3E – Explore Express Empower (Specially designed 1 Full Day Program for Adolescents and Teens). Its components are:
Dealing with Peer Pressure and Building Self-Confidence
How to deal with Exam-Stress
Time Management for students
Failure: A New Learning
From Campus to Corporate (especially for college students)

Training Methodology:

Highly interactive and innovative workshops with the help of:

Power Point Presentations
High Power Videos
Story Telling
Experience Sharing

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