Corporate/Institutes’ Engagement Programs

An employee plays a very vital role in an organization’s growth and partners in its achievements and success. Considering this fact, we have designed four (4) very special programs for human resources (employees/staff members) to support them in strengthening their and organization’s roots.  These four programs are:


1. Teachers’ Leadership Program


Teacher leadership is a set of skills, which teachers demonstrate inside not only the classrooms but also have an influence on the students that extends beyond the school boundaries. Teachers always inspire their students to strive hard, work effortlessly and keep on taking actions until they achieve their goals of life.

This program will help the participants list the traits of
Teacher as a Leader,
Design achievable Goals,
Learn impactful communication styles,
Explain and implement the power of Responsibility,
Positive Thoughts, and
Distinguish between urgent and not urgent tasks on a daily basis.We offer both in-house and offsite Leadership Program for educators
2. Life Skills Programs
Life Skills are set of skills that are required to handle challenges commonly encountered in daily human life with positive attitude & perspective.The purpose of inculcating these skills in people is to bestow lifelong values upon them of
Self Worth,
Strong personal and interpersonal skills,
To develop positive and constructive relationships with self, peers and family.

Topics Covered:

Personal Branding
Resilience: Facing challenges head on
Perspective: Every point of view is valid from a point
Personal Value System: Respect, honesty and loyalty

3. Language Enhancement for Teachers

This workshop equips them with the art of using clean language and productive feedback.

4. Live by Choice and not by Chance

This is a Motivational workshop for Corporate Professionals to
Identify the motivation behind their role and drive to bring about a positive self transformation,
Distinguish between Urgent, Important, Not Urgent and Not Important tasks and schedule their daily routine effectively,
Experience the Power of Positive Thoughts to create a positive learning environment for others and themselves,
Identify high self-esteem and use it to achieve their goals,
Use their confidence in fading their own negative beliefs, and
Explain the difference between choice & chance and implement the same in their lives.

Training Methodology:

Highly interactive and innovative workshops with the help of:

Power Point Presentations
High Power Videos
Story Telling
Role-plays / Theatre Style
Experience Sharing

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